Now that winter is just around the corner we start to think about energy from the perspective of heating and lighting our homes and businesses. But when the price of gas goes above $1.10 a litre, we are reminded that energy also includes fuel for our cars. It was this and other things that brought us to make the November issue of Business Voice, the Energy Issue.

The issue examines all things energy from energy security to alternative energy to conservation and energy efficiency. Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the problems with Nova Scotia’s offshore, and vulnerability as an energy importing province, but in reality, Nova Scotia brings a lot to the energy table. With strong renewable resources like solar, wind and tidal, Nova Scotia is poised to lead the way in a post-carbon world.

The Chamber has been actively involved in the energy issue for decades helping to shape policy, and perhaps most importantly educating and informing our members of the changing energy issues that have faced us over the years. From oil shortages in the 70s to aging infrastructure, to a growing alternative energy industry, the Chamber has been a champion for its member’s interests under a variety of themes, and has been witness to the changing landscape of issues and opportunities around energy.

In no way is the energy story an entirely bad news story, as we see a decline in the offshore oil and gas industry in Nova Scotia, a symbol of a changing global energy picture, we see equal opportunity and growth in alternative energy sources from wind farms to algae based biofuels. I hope that this month’s issue sparks conversation, creates new ideas and adds to the ongoing dialogue around the changing world of energy.